I offer a range of flavours adorned with a generous filling of jams and buttercream of your choice.

Gluten Free options available

Flavours below can be used for all our cakes including Wedding Cakes, Celebration Cakes and Cupcakes unless stated otherwise:

Traditional Vanilla

Vanilla buttercream with strawberry/seedless raspberry jam


Chocolate sponge filled with chocolate buttercream and strawberry jam

Chocolate Orange

An Orange flavoured sponge with Orange flavoured buttercream & Orange curd

Chocolate Mint

A chocolate sponge with a mint flavoured buttercream

Chocolate and Baileys

A chocolate sponge with Baileys infused filling (alchoholic)

Black Forest Gateaux

A Chocolate sponge with vanilla buttercream and morello cherry jam

Lemon Drizzle

A Lemon flavoured sponge with Lemon flavoured buttercream and Lemon curd


An Orange flavoured sponge with Orange flavoured buttercream and Orange curd


A ground Almond sponge with Almond extract filling


A moist sponge with Toffee extract filling


A Coffee soaked sponge with a rich Coffee filling

Traditional Carrot Cake

A moist sponge with a Cream Cheese/Vanilla filling (nuts optional)

Light Fruit

A lighter version taken from the traditional Rich Fruit Cake (more sponge, less fruit)

Rich Fruit

A traditional Rich Fruit Cake soaked in Brandy


A Coconut sponge filled with vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam

Red Velvet

A mild and luxurious chocolate flavoured Red coloured sponge


A coffee flavoured sponge with a chocolate buttercream


A Banana flavoured sponge with a Vanilla or Toffee flavoured filling


A Ginger sponge with a lemon buttercream

Strawberries and cream*

A Vanilla sponge filled with fresh Strawberries and cream cheese

Cookies and cream*

A Vanilla sponge filled with Oreo cookies and cream cheese filling


A Coffee soaked sponge with a Tia Maria infused buttercream (alchoholic)

Coffee and Walnut*

A Coffee flavoured sponge filled with Walnuts and Coffee flavoured buttercream

If you would like a specific type of sponge and/or filling please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

* These flavours are suited to cupcakes only.